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KS3 Music


Students will experience the creativity of music through performing, composing and listening. The specialist music teachers will be dedicated in enabling students to build skills and enthusiasm in all these key areas.  We will challenge our students to perform, compose, listen and appreciate in a range of styles, including classical, popular and world music.

The music curriculum will feature exciting professional work, widening the students’ knowledge of music and igniting a passion for performing and composing.  Music appreciation will stimulate students to confidently discuss the works of professional artists, as well as evaluating their own work.  Students will be taught musical notation and theory to support their practical work and will explore music technology through the use of music software and the academy’s recording studio.

The Key Stage 3 course will lay the foundations for further study in GCSE Music, A level Music and Music Technology, and beyond.

IMG_6240The music department offers a very extensive range of high quality extra-curricular opportunities. We have a large number of award-winning instrumental and vocal ensembles that rehearse weekly, perform in academy concerts as well as participate in local and national competitions, festivals and performance tours abroad. In addition we organise trips to live concerts, workshops with visiting professional musicians, and put on large-scale musical productions.   This provision will be extended with vocal and instrumental junior ensembles for Key Stage 3 students, allowing them to pursue and showcase their musical talents. More advanced Key Stage 3 students will be invited to join the more advanced senior ensembles as well. Students will be encouraged to take up individual singing or instrumental tuition on any instrument with one of our 14 visiting peripatetic music teachers.