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Music Technology

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Robert Smyth has a reputation in the area as being one of the best deliverers of A level Music Technology in the East Midlands, with students applying to the 6th form at Robert Smyth from other schools because of the Music Technology results and facilities.

Music Technology A level has been taught at Robert Smyth for 15 years and has been taught by Nick Hughes at the academy since 2003. We are very lucky in having our own purpose built recording studio consisting of a sound proofed room, portable vocal booth, control room and the facility to record in any room in the department, as well as recording in our lovely sounding main hall. The Music Technology class room has a suite of 19 networked PC’s all running Cubase 7, Reason 5, Sibelius 6, Spear and Cecelia software.

Use of Music Technology is not solely for A level students however! Our GCSE students are all taught how to sequence and multi-track record as part of the GCSE music course too. 50% of our GCSE compositions are either multi-tracked in our recording studio or sequenced using Cubase or Reason. The other 50% of compositions are realised using Sibelius notation software.

As the Academy prepares to welcome in KS3 students, we are looking forward to getting year 7, 8 and 9 students creative using our Music Technology facilities in their weekly music lessons. This will no doubt make our already excellent GCSE and A level results even better when those students come to take their exams.