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KS3 Dance


Students will experience the exhilaration of dance by exploring different dance styles and themes used in movement.
The specialist dance teacher will be dedicated to encouraging creativity within a safe environment, allowing students to build their enthusiasm for choreography and performance.

The dance curriculum will feature exciting professional work, widening the students’ knowledge of dance and inspiring them to develop imaginative ideas in their own performance work, thus igniting a passion for dance. Key components in dance composition will be featured giving the students the opportunity to discover their individual movement language. Dance appreciation will stimulate students to confidently discuss motif development as well as action, space and dynamic content when observing dance.

There will be a chance to view live professional dance companies in organised trips to experience the thrill of dance as well as taking part in professional workshops. This will enrich the dance curriculum enhancing student’s skill which will lay the foundations for further study in GCSE and A level dance. The dance department has an outstanding reputation for offering extra-curricular performance opportunities in their very own dance company and this will be extending when the new RSA3 Dance Company is created for Key Stage 3 students, allowing students to pursue their dedication to performance and showcase their unique talents in dance.