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GCSE Dance

Follow your passion……..choose dance!

GCSE dance is a powerful and expressive subject which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity. Students are expected to have previous dance experience that they can further develop on an exciting course, learning new skills in performance, choreography and the appreciation of dance. There will be the opportunity to share performance skills with the class, in assemblies and performing in the annual dance show.

Students taking dance will be dedicated and passionate about their subject, eager to learn about professional work and confident performers of their own work. You should choose this course if you have a genuine interest in dance, making your own dances and appreciating the work of professional practitioners. The work studied in GCSE makes for an easier transition to A Level dance as it introduces the skills needed for further study.



Course Aims

The course seeks to develop your:

Understanding and appreciation of a number of dance styles

Knowledge, skills and understanding needed to perform, choreograph and appreciate dance

Life skills and attributes including decision making, critical and creative thinking and the ability to co-operate with others

Assessment Objectives

You will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:Robert Smyth Academy dance solo

Dance appreciation

Technical and Expressive skills

Performance skills


Evaluating and improving performance

Evaluating and improving choreography


The course consists of 60% practical units in performance and choreography.


Students are required to perform a set phrase in a solo and the development of the phrase in a duet or trio, which is worth 30% of their final grade.


Students must choreograph a solo or group dance-30%

Dance appreciation

40% theory. Students critically appreciate their own work as well as professional pieces. Knowledge and understanding of the choreographic processes and performing skills