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Ofsted recognised all the excellent work in Performing Arts in their recent report when they visited the academy in March. Here are some of the quotes from the report:

‘Many members of staff make valuable contributions to the academy’s excellent extra-curricular programme, particularly in performing arts and sport.’
‘The curriculum and, in particular, the academy’s excellent extra-curricular provision, make good contributions towards students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and prepares them well for life in modern Britain. The academy’s performing arts and sports programmes are well-regarded by students, parents, staff and the local community. The academy has several systems in place that encourage first-hand understanding of the principles of democracy, such as the house system and the councils established to oversee the sport and performing arts activities.’
‘Students value opportunities for charity fund-raising, participation in music, dance and sport.’
‘GCSE: When taken as a whole year group, students perform much better than their peers nationally in music. Achievement is very good overall in this area.’
‘Sixth Form: Very good progress was made in several subject areas, including music and music technology.’